Welcome to Wengel's Bloggin and Vloggin

Welcome to Wengel's Blog

Come on and all to see what my mind can toss. This is gonna be like a small brain dump page. You can learn more about me and see what it is like in my world.

Fisrt Post             July 18th 2022

Hiiiii!!!! I am super excited to be starting my first ever blog. I have always wanted to kinda make one for fun since I love to write so much. But, I just never knew how to go about it. I always thought that it would be too much work to figure out and I just didn't have the time. So I am super excited to finally be able to start my blogging journey. I don't quite know how consistant I am planning to be. But this whole thing is really just for me and I think that is important to recognize. I am writing and responding for me not for anyone else. (Although this will help me with my web design class). I am excited to document all the new things I am learning.

One Piece almost ending            July 22nd 2022

So, I was watching a Tik Tok yesterday, and as I was scrolling and taking my sweet time. I stumble on a video that makes me stop in my tracks. It was a like skit video of this person saying that my absolute favorite show One Piece by Echirro Oda is coming to an end soon and that he is currently writing the final arc of the show. I had to stop myself from watching the entire video because of how sad I was about to get. I have been watching that show since I was in the 7th grade and I just can't imagine it ending. Knowing that now I am thinking should I restart the show and rewatch it and then catch up or just pick up where I left off. Having a show like this one that I absolutly adore end really does make me sad. But it is also like a new chapter type of vibe so im not too mad.

This New Bachlorette Season        July 27th 2022

LETS TALK ABOUT THIS NEW BACHLORETTE SEASON. This season is actually wild. First off this is the first time we have ever had 2 bachlorettes in one season and it is already spicy. I mean for one both of these girls are like trying to navigate like 30 guys and then how do u find your husband when you are constantly being comapred to the girl right next to you. This show truly has gone to new heights in drama. Seeing these two beautiful woman have to learn how to find love together truly has changed so much. Yesterday's episode though is what got me the most. I mean to have an indivualized rose ceramony and to see the bachlorettes get rejected was just crushing and drama filled. It was an insane episode and I can't wait to see how the season unflolds.