Reading Assigment 1

The reading was very intresting in my opinion. I found the term handmade web intresting as well. Explining the diffrence between what a handmade website and a software based website was something that I did not know. I feel like handmade website gives the feel of an experiemntal art or film. By doing a handmade website all the creative control can allow for people to make a lot of really cool things that a softweare based website would not be able to do.

Reading Assigment 2

I found this website quite intresting because of how much was going on. With the rolling notifications and the diffrent topics at the top of the page. The website is kinda hard to use which I think was the purpose. Its complex uses was just really intresting to me.

Reading Assigment 3

Tools are what I think makes the human race unique. We were able to do everything that we do now because of tools and the development of tools. As time progressed so do these tools and I feel like technology is able to do that. From mouses to finger print recognition we use tools in our everyday lives so much. Within this article I really enjoyed seeing Mindy Sue's take on the concept of tools.

Reading Assigment 4

Frank Chimero brings up an facinating point with the idea that technology and the world around us is easily accesable but not comfortable for many people to use. Outside of the normal physical difficulties there are mental difficulties as well. Seeing how this has affect the human race for the past few decades we see how much exponential growth all the good it has done can not be disscretited. I know that he talked about other things but this is what stood out to me the most.

Aura Concept and Ideas

I think for this website I want to focus on the color yellow and how it can make me feel. I love sunflowers and the sun and a beautiful yellow raincoat and I just love how that color can really brighten up a persons day. So I think I want yellow to be my big influence maybe like little frogs wearing yellow or something like that as my page. Im not quite sure what else I would want it to be about but these are some of the ideas I have. I want this website to feel happy and bright but not like obnoxious or odd in anyway. And I don't plan to just use yellow but also some other colors like greens and blues and reds to help accent and add to the yellow that is being brought up.